October 1, 2011

Alex & Adeline's Wedding Dinner @ Hydro Hotel, Penang

Wedding is over!!! And I'm back in KL..

So how did my MC-ing went? I want to say it went really well and it was a breeze but what really happened was I only managed to do my welcome address before my MC-ing gig was hijacked by someone else. I got no idea how it happened. It feels like something that you see in the movies that happened to someone else and you are just watching it happening without knowing what really happened. I wish I have some movie spoiler or something to find out what happened behind the scene. So I ended up sitting at the dinner table, eating my food, and watching someone else MC. Why? How? I don’t know…

Venue before the dinner... 

My 3 minutes of fame.. 

Food!!!! Yummy!!!! I ate wayyy  to much...till I forgot to take pictures of the food besides the 3 dishes below :(

Required group/ table picture with the gorgeous bride & the groom. 
Back row : Edwin & Lydia, Penny, Jin Han & Joni, Esther & Zahid
Front row : Alex & Adeline, me & Rockstar 

After the dinner, me twinnie insisted wanted me to take her picture *as usual*... where we turned the hotel lobby into a mini-shoot which left me perspiring... Anyway, here's a shot of her which I took that I like :) .. although the lighting is quite bad and another of me & Rockstar that she took :)

That's not all. The shoot carried on outside our rooms. We decided to reenact the shoot that she took for Sunway Hotel. So here's the end result. Totally hilarious and blurred shots because I couldn't stop laughing. *lousy photographer*

And it carried on into our rooms... at least for me twinnie & me. The guys were having some bonding time in their own room I guess :) *please ignore our messy table*

 * now I can so totally see the resemblance *

OK. 1 final picture. This is me cam-whoring while waiting for my turn for the bathroom.  

 Its been a long and fun night. More pictures on Penang food later :) Night peeps!!!


Lydia said...

y u put all my ugly pics?!!!

Esther Chew said...

Where got ugly pics?

adeline said...

gal... thanks a lot for helping out... though i myself had no idea why i was put under the spot light that night... it wasnt supposed to be like that... >.<

Esther Chew said...

You're welcome. Didn't do much tho.
Sorry about that. Partly my fault :)

adeline said...

eh??? you made them do that??? lucky there's the barney song that made it up to entertain me... muahahahhahahaha

Esther Chew said...

no la... my fault cos I did do my job as an MC ma... then you kena la...

ask him to sing for u every night :)

Alex said...

wow.. it took me that long to find this.... anyway... SEVERAL YEARS later,id like to apologize for the hijacking of my wedding... it was great that you came and did your thing... wish we had all the time to spend with everyone but it was all a rushed blur... thanx alot E.