October 11, 2011

Go Korean @ Kimchi Korean Restuarant

Rockstar is away in Shanghai for 5 days and I am already missing him :(

Anyway, couple of days before he left, we were looking for a place to have dinner. First choice was Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall but when we noticed the long queue from afar, we took a detour and decided to go Korean. 

It was almost full and we were led right to the back of the restaurant where we had to remove our shoes and sit on the floor...  While we were looking at the menu, I noticed a long queue was building up outside the restaurant. Thank God we got here in time :)

I like their menu and deco... so pink!!!

Cold Green Tea                                                   Hot Green Tea
RM4.90                                                                  RM4.90

Side dishes.. We don't like beansprouts and kimchi *No, I don't know why we stepped into a restaurant named Kimchi*, spotted our neighbours having something different and  requested that they change it :) and yes, like all Korean Restaurants, it is refillable... We had 3 helpings of mashed potato, 2 helpings of fish cake and 2 helpings of spinach... 

Here's something unique... I've never seen cockles served in other Korean Restaurant before... *not that I have been to many anyway*. Since we both were not fans of cockles, we didn't finish it. But Rockstar took 2 pieces and said that it tasted OK.. 

Sizzling Beef   
Glass Noodles & Spring Onion Beef with Rice. 
Super yummy and worth the price paid...Big portion. The beef is tasty and soft . The rice came in a metal bowl shown in my photo, towards the back. The gooey egg mixed with rice and beef sauce... delish!!

Dak Da Ri Gui
Grilled Marinated Chicken. 

Its not as tasty as the Seoul Korea in Taman Desa but still tasted good. Maybe that could marinate the chicken longer next time so that the sauce could soak into the meat.. Chicken is fresh which is a plus point.. But they forgot the greens and the sauces and only served us when we were halfway through.. Their excuse, "We forgot".. It was a full crowd... I understand.. I like eating the chicken wrapped in greens and dipped into the oil sauce thingie... Super yummy!

Fried Chicken Dumplings. 
Crispy outside, soft on the inside with the right amount of chicken meat and chives. Yummy! Didn't quite like the chili that came it it tho. Oily and looks spicy but actually not that spicy :)

Here's Rockstar chilling after a satisfying meal. He did enjoyed himself. Food was good, service abit slow, price slightly higher then normal but will be definitely be back again... Just to eat the beef and the mashed potato and fish cake... and most probably try other stuff... There must be something good here with the large group of patrons..  

Kimchi Korean Restaurant
L1-57, Tropicana City Mall,
No.3, Jalan SS20/27, 
47400 Petaling Jaya

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