October 13, 2011

10 things that make me happy

I've just been reading the rockstar diaries and I decided that I wanna start my own happy list too.. Its such a great idea..So here's the first of my happy list..

10 things that make me happy of late:

    1. the new stack of books sitting on my bedroom floor
    2. bright yellow daisies
    3. watching TV late at night
    4. an SMS from Rockstar
    5. a fulfilling day working
    6. good friends
    7. hearing Rockstar's current favourite song on radio
    8. ice-creams
    9. having lunch and laughing with my sister and brother in Ikea
    10. Christmas is just around the corner
*took of some one's Facebook. Can't recall who.

So what makes you happy lately? 
Wanna share?

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