October 9, 2011

A Night of Strawberry Shortcake

Thinking back on it, I am surprise we could pull it off. It was Thursday. I had an idea to decorate the restaurant for my mum's birthday. So with some idea in mind, I called up Grace, my 2nd sister and made plans to picked her early before the party started. We were running late and manage to rushed to the florist just in time before they pulled down the shutters, selected 2 different types of flowers and were out before you can even say *Esther Chew is awesome* :)

We arrived at Decanter Section 17 one hour before the arrival of attendees and got ourselves working hard, cutting, tying, arranging. Thank God we had the place to ourselves and no one bothered us. Except of a couple of waiters who found us mildly amusing and even helped us with folding the serviettes and arranging the water goblets...  And voila, we finished it just in time.... here's our masterpiece :)

It was a hard time decided on the wide variety of food provided at Decanter. There is both Asian & Western cuisine as well a range of beverages, suited to different budget group. And each time I'm there, I make it a point to try something new.. And each time, the food left me satisfied and full. Since it was a big group, I only manage to snap pictures the orders of those sitting around me...

My flower arrangements                                               Honey Milk RM5

Saute Mushroom RM5

Grilled Prawn Salad RM18

Ice Blended Lychee Rm8

Soft Shell Crab RM18

Fish & Chips RM15

Cheese Chicken Chop RM18

Grilled Lamb Shoulder RM35

We had a great time of catching up. laughing, talking, joking, crapping, eating, and drinking. Even though the crowd *in the restaurant* grew as we continue dining, and the noise volume went up a couple of notches, the ambiance and the cosines of the place was apparent. The crowd consisted  of working people and friends hanging out, drinking and having fun and I could feel and hear the joy and laughter all around. 

And in any birthday, the singing of the birthday song and cutting of the cake is a must. The yummy Strawberry Shortcake was again made by a cellie - Patisserie Rui Bakery and was devoured in no time by The Chew's Army :)

And without fail, Edwin, me twinnie's fiance is up to his antics again... 'She Loves Me...', 'She Loves Me Not..'.. and yes, he ended on, "She Loves Me"..

Pressies for mommy!!!!

And I decided to practice my photography skill with diamonds... Its hard, you know... Diamond reflects light... I took like 50 over shots... Here's some random shots selected... 

It was a great night. Good food, fun time, great company. And in life, its this memories, this fellowship that makes life more satisfying. I am so thankful for my family and I will never give it up for anything. 

Thumbs up for Decanter. We'll definitely be back :)

And Happy Birthday mum! Thank you for all your cooking, cleaning, hard work, sweat and love in bringing all of us up. And even though you may feel that no one notices, we do. We know how hard you work and we really appreciate it. We love you!!

Decanter Section 17
No. 5, Jalan 17/56, 46400
Petaling Jaya. 
03-7968 1300

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