October 27, 2011

Too much travelling

* skip this post if you hate long rambling nonsense post..

I'm flying off again... yes again... next week for a long 10 days holiday!!! Woots!!!!

I'm normally pretty excited about my trips and spend so much time planning *intensive research* from the places to visit, the transportation, the costs of everything there, to the time we wake up each morning.. seriously... I consider myself an expert on travelling and planning *self praise a bit* and I really enjoy doing it..

However, whenever I travel with Rockstar and his family, I leave most of the planning to his father and just tag along wherever they go... Sometimes its troublesome especially whenever everyone wants to go their different ways... but other then that it's fine..  OK, I'm sidetracking.. Back to what I wanted to say.. 

On Tuesday night, I found out that uncle will not be joining us for all 10 days but only for 3 days for the tour to Zhuhai, China. So now I'm in a fixed, I need to plan my 7 other day.. and to prepare everything within 1 week time. 

I cannot decide whether to stay in Macau, and visit Hong Kong or stay in Hong Kong to visit Macau and Shenzhen or stay in Shenzhen and visit Macau and Hong Kong. The cheapest accommodation is of cause Shenzhen, followed by Macau then Hong Kong. But travelling from Shenzhen will take a lot of time and money.  The bus ride in Macau is cheap costing about RM4 each time you board the bus, but Hong Kong's MRT is between RM5-9 per stop and the feri ride between Hong Kong  and Macau cost about RM60 per way. And then the tour to Zhuhai is right in the middle of the 10 days. 

My plan so far is to spend the 1st night in Macau, then cross over to Shenzhen via Hong Kong, spend 2 nights there before heading back to Macau for another night. Then cross the border to Zhuhai for the 3 days tour before coming back to Macau, crossing over to HK and staying 1 night there *since its so expensive* and then back to Macau for the last night. Are you confused yet? That's only the plan. I have not work out the transportation, the costing and most importantly the accommodation ...ahhhhh!!!. It's 1 week till we arrive 
and all accommodations are so freaking expensive. Anyone can help???

And since uncle is not going, its only going to be Rockstar & me.... and aunty!! It's kinda weird isn't it? No, It's not that I don't feel comfortable with her. I've been on so many trips with her and have stayed in countless of hotel rooms with her... just that I feel its so high school.. Rockstar and me.. and a chaperon....

I like aunty.. really...And considering that she gave me the keys to their house few years back instead of Rockstar, I think I can consider that she likes me have more trust in me then Rockstar did :) 

On top of that... My bank account kinda empty.. must.stop.travelling.so.much...

OK. Enough of my rambling... Back to work and planning *groans*

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