October 4, 2011

Ikan Bakar @ Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar

One thing I love about having flexi-hours is that I can go lunch anytime I want ..Yay!! and wherever I want.. Double Yay!! So last week, I meet up with Rockstar for an early lunch... *cause Rockstar just woke up*

Anyway, we decided to go for ikan bakar. Fend Ikan Bakar @ Kelana Jaya brought back memories and its been almost 2 years since we last went. They used to sell from a van but have since move to a brick & mortar shop. 

It was about 12noon. And since we were early for the lunch crowd, we had to wait a bit as they were still grilling the food. 

After looking and smelling the spicy aroma of meat grilling, we couldn't wait for ours. And when the stingray was ready, we decided to take 2 sets of it as the chicken were not ready yet :( 

But it was worth it, even though the chilly have not really soak infuse into the flesh yet, the stingray still tasted good... I could decide which sauce I like better with it : the tomyam sauce or the belacan sauce. Both evoke different taste and spicy-ness... Gosh! Just thinking about it makes my mouth itch for it again.. 



And to help balance out the spicy-ness, I had ice-blended Bandung!! Just the drink on a hot day... I don't know why but that's something about drinking bandung or sirap while eating malay food :) 

Food price is resonable: Set goes for about RM5-8. Drinks is about RM1.50- RM2.50. Service is not too good. Maybe we were early and they were busy preparing for the lunch crowd but overall, we were there for the food and we left feeling satisfied. Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar is located just behind the Kelana Jaya Giant (along LDP). Look for Al-Rajhi Bank, and the shop is just behind it. 

Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar
Jalan SS 4/14,
Kelana Jaya 47301,
Petaling Jaya,

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