October 27, 2011

Random Life

I managed to extract pictures from my phone finally after so many months. The cable had some problem and my laptop couldn't detect my handphone. Anyway, problem solved and here are some random photos I've taken the past few months... 

Traffic jam Standstill jam outside UTAR PJ campus while waiting to pick my brother up after his classes..

Me waiting by the roadside reading a book after my car overheated on a hot Saturday afternoon in a traffic jam. Yes, that's NKVE highway behind me.. There were some roadworks going on and it was jam for a couple of hours.. I know cause I was there for more then an hour.. 

View from Mt. Dandenong, Victoria, Australia..

Opening of Music Master Cheras branch in August 2011

 And as always, 10th KL pictures..

This picture was taken last year but I think I have not posted it up before. 
Physical Training Badgework Class conducted by Daniel Chong & Anthony Wong, ex-Sri Sempurnians. 

SMSS Speech Day @ Wisma FGA KL, 6th August 2011.

Members taking their test after Speech Day. Please ignore the kindergaden style tables and chairs. We were using whatever resources we could get in Wisma FGA. 

Brandon's Birthday Sabo, 24th September 2011. More sabo pictures here

This was quite funny. Brandon was washing himself under the tap but Joshua and Aidan keep spraying more foam on him without him knowing, and the more he wash, the more foam there was. Such mean friends... 

BNTS 201 @ Sri Sempurna, building a tower with papers. 

Juniors holding hands while praying during a Prayer Session. 

Me twinnie's engagemnet ring.

IKEA's ice-cream.. Yummy! They have this new ice-cream dispenser where you will be given a coin after paying at the counter. Then you walk towards the dispenser, put your cone in its holder, put your coin in, and press the button. Voila! Ice-cream starts squishing out.  

That's all. I don't really take much photos with my phone as I lug my DSLR everywhere I go :)

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