October 16, 2011

miss book

Hey guys, I just came back from another trip... not for holiday tho. It was a planning retreat in Peaceheaven, a campsite just 5 minutes from Genting Highlands. It was a 3 days 2 nights of amazing cool weather that makes me wanna snuggle up tight under my blanket each morning but with freezing water that turns my nose, cheeks and hands frozen whenever I wash it. 

It was a great time of planning, strategizing, brainstorming and bonding with my fellow Boys' Brigade officers. We had so much fun and laughter and fun and food and of cos some planning. Will post up pictures later... 

Anyway, here's some pictures for those who missed the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Its your lost :)

Me twinnie and our orange trolley walking to the hall.. 

Upon entering... *our eyes opened as big as possible*...and this shows only half the hall. 

Books, books, books and more books... Piles and piles!!

Its like we died and gone to book heaven..

Our over-loaded trolley after 2 hours... 

My purchase - RM97 for 13 books.
Me twinnie purcahse - RM160 for 18 books. 

*satisfied faces*

Want to know more, read it here

If you miss it, its OK, there is still next year :)

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