October 18, 2011

Eating in Penang

This post is overdue *as usual*. We were in Penang a couple of weeks back for a friend's wedding and of cause being in Penang, we just got to eat....

First stop, Pulau Tikus Char Kuey Teow. Since Rockstar & I already tried the popular store a few doors away, we decided to test out Restoran Swee Kong. 

Restoran Swee Kong is located just opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station. Since we arrived there late in the afternoon, there were not many customers and we got out orders quite fast. Except for the pancakes sold off a motorcycle just outside the restaurant which seem to have a steady stream of customers. Since I am too lazy to blog *seems to have lost my blogging mojo lately* I am just going to sumarise all together : Char Kuey Teow is good, as like most Penang Char Kuey Teow.  Rojak had a good quantity of fried stuff, I like. Mee Rebus tasted quite good for me but the rest didn't like it. But the best was the pancakes hands down... It was crunchy, and tasty and the filling was just right, not too much. And I think it was just RM0.90 per piece. 



The next day, after the wedding, before heading back down to Kuala Lumpur, we decided to stop for lunch at Queensbay. A friend recommended the place and when we found it, it was the place that we originally wanted to go too.. Coincidence :) 

Restoran Kapitan is located at the shop lots opposite Queensbay Mall. Its a corner lot which faces away from the main road. Its not hard to find and it seem to be quite popular with people. 

Milo Ice - Blended RM4.00                                Mango Lassi RM3.00

Madras Style Fried Chicken RM7.00

Cheese Naan Set RM10.00

Butter Garlic Naan Set RM10.50

Mutton Briyani Claypot RM10.00

Mutton RM6.50

My take on the food? The naan is really tasty, soft and crisps at the same time with just the right amount of garlic/ cheese. However the Tandoori Chicken that came with the Cheese Naan Set tasty so much better then the Garlic Naan Set. Not sure why there is a difference tho. The Mutton Briyani Claypot is just so-so only. Rice was too dry due to claypot style of cooking. However, the mutton is delicious. Soft, fresh and melt in your mouth kinda meat. It is so good that we ordered a 2nd round of just the mutton :) Ahhh.... 

We undid our jeans buckle, waddled back to the car and left Penang full and satisfied.

Restoran Kapitan
89B, Persiaran Bayan Bay,
Bayan Baru, Penang

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