September 30, 2011

Oh Penang!!

I'm going to Penang in an half an hour!!!! Its like a holiday cum work :) A friend is getting married so I heading to Penang with Rockstar, me twinnie & her fiance. So its going to be food, sun, sand, sea, more food... and of cos the wedding dinner :)

Ok. I'm off to get ready now. Pray for me cause I am MC-ing. Gosh!! Super kan chiong aka stress. Hopefully I won't embarrassed myself or get stage fright !?!!!! 

Ok, 1 last thing before I go... if you have free time this weekend, check out this blog I saw about 2 sisters... I just love how the father manage to capture the life, the energy and the beauty of his 2 daughters... 

 photo credited to Jason Lee

photo credited to Jason Lee

photo credited to Jason Lee

I wish I could take pictures like that...

Doesn't it just brings a smile to your face? 

Happy Weekend people!!

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