October 10, 2011

The best of home-cooked meals

My mum have been cooking quite a bit last week. And since she doesn't really enjoy cooking, seeing her cook almost everyday is such a 'miracle'... not only that.. she spends time looking at recipe books and coming up with so many new dishes...  I took pictures of them so that they can be remembered... and also to make my sisters jealous *who ask them to get married, move out and miss mummy's cooking*

Lychee Stuffed Mashed Potato in Tomato Sauce. 
Stir-fried lychee and mashed potato in tomato sauce. Just imagine... taking a piece and putting it into your mouth. At first bite, the warm mashed potato oozes out and as you sink your teeth deeper in, the sweetness of the lychee juice gushes into your mouth. Ahh.... bliss... 

Crunchy Egg with Crispy Ends
A home-style fried egg made with egg, egg, egg, a pinch of salt and a generous helping of pepper. I know its not special... but there is nothing like good ole fried eggs during dinner time... 

Crispy Eel Black Sauce Eel with Vegetables
Large dried Chinese Black Mushrooms cut into stripes, drenched in cornstarch and fried to crispy perfection. However, when we added in the sauce, the eels turned soft. Greens and garlic are fried and seasoned with a little salt and olive oil

Fish with Spicy Meat Sauce.
Red Snapper is first steamed before minced meat sauce is poured on top and served with a garnish of spring onion leaves. Fresh and spicy... Delicious!!

Broccoli with prawns
Prawns is first marinated and stir-fried till it turns orange before broccoli and big onions are added. Water is added to soften the broccoli and to create some sauce for this dish. 

Beancurd topped with meat and carrot. 
Minced chicken meat seasoned with salt, pepper, soy sauce and olive oil placed on top of beancurd, topped with sliced carrots and steam. Once done, bean paste sauce is poured on top. 

Can't wait for this week meals :) Isn't home-cooked meals the best? 

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