January 31, 2012

Up and Down, Up and down

Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down.

Sometimes one is up when the other is down. 

When one is down, it takes the other to help them back up. 

And when another is too high up, it takes the other to bring them down. 

Its helps much when it comes back down, the other holds ;

just enough so that it don't go crashing to the ground. 

Sometimes, or mostly, both are at a balance. 

And balance takes two to maintain it just like that. 

When one stops trying, the other either falls;

or struggles just to maintain that balance.

And sometimes, when it just gets too tiring, too difficult;

it comes crashing down again. 

So relationship is like a see-saw.

It takes 2 to play, 1 will be no fun at all. 

So if you decide to jump onto a see-saw, 

be ready, be prepared, take courage. 

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