January 12, 2012

Proposal Ideas....

I'm in a sappy mood now and here are some stuff to make you all go sappy with me..Haha.. Nah.. I've been reading alot of magazine and websites on weddings and as expected, there were alot on proposals too... So here are my super long list of proposals that I find interesting... *and also ideas for my many number of friends who would be getting married soon... I hope :)

So get out your Kleenex and get ready to tear up .....

This Superhero proposal is kinda interesting but weird a the same time. Very poor quality video so just watch the ending k... The beginning its just all the same. A group of guys wearing spandex marching through the street playing. Anyway, I'm not sure I will say yes to a guy wearing a spandex or a mask on. I meant, come on.... who are you marrying? Spiderman?? But then again.. if its Batman...Maybe I'll give him a chance :) 

Using magic trick... Really cool!

This is way to big for me.. Come on? On TV?? Lots of guts....But he did a great job knowing she is a big fan of Ellen, he did it for her...

How awesome it is to have wind blowing through your hair when you are being proposed too... Makes you wanna fly with it...  Oh, and the carriage ride at the end... Absolutely gorgeous and to-die-for!!! What a way to announce your engagement..

OK. This is way cool and very well-planned. What more do you want? Cuddly bears on ice... and with Frank Sinatra singing along. 2 Thumbs up!!

If Rockstar would have done this... and only answer he would get is... "Why didn't you bring me along!!!?????" Haha...

This is just because I wanna go visit the Grand Canyon and its something that Rockstar and I could have done... Simple and on route... Oh wait, it actually happened!

For those of you who don't like big amplified proposals, here's something simple, honest and just the 2 of you... ok, maybe not.. No big huge crowd.. Just you both.. You can skip the cameraman if you like :)

This? Cos Rockstar plays the guitar. And its just 2 of them... No crowds *except for the people behind who came out later*... How nice it is to be serenade and propose to with a song? So for guys who knows how to play the guitar... good for you... Its already an extra 'check/tick' for you ;p

Ok. This is just way awesome. I like it cos the proposal was such a big thing *come on. Its a freaking  buildiing??!*. He planned it well... enlisted all his friends to help... *gotta have a lot of coordination* but the set up allowed them to have their own privacy. Just the 2 of them... 

And this... Vegas with a Bollywood mash-up... Just fantastic. If you are in your office, turn the volumn down. Don't want your boss checking up on why you are playing Indian music.

Oh, and this.... some video say it happened in Palazzo, some say The Venetian.. Not sure which is the right one.. But Rockstar and I got engaged at The Venetian, not Vegas tho... It was at Macau. So this difinately brought back memories... Casinos, well-dress people, pomp and grandeur... *sigh*

So to my friend/s *you know who you are* who are planning to get hitch soon, need any help? I have lots of ideas :)

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