January 24, 2012

wedding package & pink tent

Rockstar and I are quite against the idea of pre-wedding photo shoots. The thought of posing and standing and smiling and sweating while trying to look like you are in love for an entire day just doesn't sound very fun..  

We went to the recent KL Wedding Expo @ MidValley to check out the offers and to confirm our hotel booking. And let me warn all the brides-to-be, DO NOT ever go to a bridal fair on the 1st day right when it open doors.. You'll spend 90% of your time maneuvering your way through the wall maze of sales-personnel. Truthfully, the fair is disappointing. Most of the booths offered pre-wedding shoots to Taiwan or just pre-wedding shoots in general with just a smattering of booths offering bridal cakes, hotel receptions and honeymoon packages. Oh, and 99.9% of the sales people there spoke in mandarin.. 

As we were leaving, I spotted a bridal shop that my sister used when she got married... and when I mentioned it to Rockstar, the sales personnel overheard and talked to us in English *thank goodness*, then the manager came and offered us a really good deal, and the rest is history.. 

I was actually interested in rental of bridal gowns which they offered for RM2,500. Yep, that's right. RM2,500 to rent 2 freaking dresses!!!! I get 1 designer wedding gown and 1 designer evening gown for that price. 

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we finally signed up for a package with a pre-wedding shoot. Why? Here's what we paid for : 

- 1 designer wedding gown (wedding day)
- 1 designer evening gown  (wedding day)


- 2 designer bridegroom coat  (wedding day)
- Outdoor Wedding Shoot ( 2 locations in Klang Valley) with 120 poses
- 4 designer gowns for photo shoot
- studio make-up
- studio hair
- Acrylic album 12*36 (20 poses/ 10 pages)
- Acrylic album 12*16 (20 pages/ full page)
- Photo frame 20* 40 - 1 piece
- Photo frame 20 * 40 5-in-1 (white frame) - 1 piece
- Photo frame 10*15 - 2 pieces
- Glass frame 10*4 - 2 pieces
- S Glass frame - 1 piece
- DVD - 30 photos + 1 song
- MTV or CRD - 120 poses (original file)

- Wedding Hand Bouquet (roses)
- Car Decoration (netting)
Photo frame 10*15 - 1 piece

And guess how much that cost? .....RM3,988. Just a difference of RM1,500. 

So that's how we felll into the trap of pre-wedding photo shoot * darn it *

And since we are on the topic of wedding and I have saved thousands of wedding ideas, here's one that's just so super gorgeous and perfect ... a PINK COLOUR TENT!!!

OK, I admit... its not really a tent but I'm sure that camp outs will be more fun and glam if we can have pink tents like this... Maybe I could start with pink tents for 10th KL Boys' Brigade? *Haha.. Sir William will most probably roll over in his grave*

Can someone just get me a pink tent already? 

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