January 26, 2012

Twinnie is engaged too!!

I can't remember if I mentioned it on this blog but my twin sister is engaged!!! *its long overdue* I'm so happy for her. She actually got engaged earlier then me and then I got engaged too, then she had her engagement party and then I sorta had my engagement dinner and even though I am getting married first - 6 months earlier then her.... 2 bridezillas under 1 roof is not a good thing.... muaahahaha *evil laugh*

Anyway, I have not posted up her engagement party photos yet... So here it is.. 

It was a big group of about 50 people with mostly E's relative and some of ours held at our house. There was lots of good food, fun and of cos the proposal video :)

And it was totally decorated by Lydia and my second sister. They are all super creative... I'm the ugly duckling :) Its kinda blurry. I'm not good at night/ dark places pictures.

Bunch of 'crappers'
Eldest sister, BIL, youngest sister, only brother and cousin 

And guess where these bunch went after dinner?
Cramped up inside the tiny laundry room for some childhood board games 

The VIPs of the night.. 

Thank You gifts for everyone.. 

And since the floral arrangements were still alive the next day, I took some more pictures of it under sunlight.. 

White roses, white carnations, blue hydrangeas and some green leaves
Tags with tiny roses crafted from clay - also made by my second sister

My 2nd sister does floral arrangements and wedding decors and just about anything art related. If you want some of her creative ideas, get in touch with her. Contact details below :

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or for art classes :

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