January 4, 2012

no way out

It's 4 days into 2012! Where have the days flown too? New year, new office, new hairstyle :)

It's hard getting back into work and life after all the celebration and eating... But work never cease and I realized that Rockstar and I have been so caught up with everything that we forgot to have time for each other. Oh, the little bits of time in between activities are so not counted.. 

So when he ask me what I wanted to do.. I said... Just the 2 of us. No phones, no computer, no technology, no watches, no distractions. And he agreed... tho a bit reluctant.. He can't live without his phone :) But he did live up to his promise and left his phone behind... literally :) 

So we spend the night talking and laughing... just the 2 of us..

And then as we were talking I said something that seem so light... like a passing of the wind before we caught each others eyes, stop and re-winded and exclaimed together.. "We are getting married in 9 MONTHS time!!!"..  *gosh*

There is just so much to do. First on our list is the venue for the dinner reception. We have check numerous places but have not found a suitable one that we both like. The cost of dinner is in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur is averagely RM2000 and above per table. A quick calculation for 50 tables would show RM100,000. *horror* And that's just the dinner. We still have to consider the ceremony, flowers, gowns, photography, rings, make-up, hairdo, decorations, lunch reception, wedding cake, music, invitations, entourage, and oh, not forgetting the dowry and just so much more. 

Oh... and themes and colours.. so many to decide.. so hard to choose.. and the venues are even more difficult.. now I'm caught in between a garden or outdoor wedding which can be unpredictable in Malaysian weather... or a church ceremony.. but I want confetti which most churches do not allow... and I want fairy lights. I WANT FAIRY LIGHTS!!! Its a must... so can I have a night ceremony instead? 

And then there is PMC (Pre-Marriage Counselling) to attend. Pretty scary though... So many what ifs...

Rockstar asked me whether I have any regrets... No regrets, I told him, no regrets. 

And then he said, "You already said yes, so there is no way out for you'... 



adeline said...

when i was scouting around the last time, garden wedding is actually slightly more pricey than normal sit down in the hall kind of wedding... =(

anyway, try checking this out http://www.everydayonsales.com/28528/little-white-story-clearance-sale?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+EverydayOnSales+%28Everyday+On+Sales+%40+Malaysia%29

Esther Chew said...

Yeah, i know :(

thanks... will do..

Esther Chew said...

we should meet up soon...