January 13, 2012

Day 2 : Macau Island - Lady of Guia, Dr. Sun & Pork Burger

Warning : Reading session requires a cup of coffee and some jazz music...

Enough of wedding stuff already!!! Need to catch up on my travel post. Its long way overdue, as usual :)

Here is the map I used on my trip to Macau. *sorry its a little crumply*

On the far left, our hotel, Best Western Sun Sun is circled in red. Just horizontally on the right is Senado Square, which became our starting point for each walk. On Day 1, we took a long walk up north from Senado Square to the end of the green line. *open in a new tab and zoom in for a clearer view*

On Day 2, we headed south from Senado Square and ended up at New Yoahan (circled in green, below Senado Square) for lunch. 

Picture taken from hotel room.
Red circle from left to right : Ruins of St Paul's, Monte Fort, Guia Lighthouse & Chapel of Our Lady Guia

After a satisfying lunch @ New Yoahan, we decided to go north east to the Guia Lighthouse, recommended with a fantastic view of the whole Macau Island. It was a long, longggg, longggggg, tiring walk. I only took pictures the first quarter of the journey. After that I needed all my energy to walk.. and the higher we climb, the hotter it became and the slower we walked. The final stretch was the worst, almost 45% slope. Regretted not taking a cab.. 

Went we arrived, it was worth the journey. And we found out there is an easier way to reach the lighthouse, via cable car *pfftttt*. That's what happens when you don't do research before travelling :( 

*wind gauges to check the speed of wind during typhoons..

*huge ass anchor

As we headed downhill, we chance upon this Guia Hill Air Raid Shelter and went it for a peek. 

Decided to take the cable car down the hill. *no way I'm walking down hill* and it only cost MOP2 (single ticket)  which is about RM0.70 per person.. Return ticket MOP3. *smack head*

We reach the Flora Garden and started our walk back south west and passed by Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial House. We were quite tired already but decided to take a quick look. Its such a beautiful place, tucked away among other residential place that you might just missed it...  As we walk around, there were only a handful of people and I could feel the hollow-ness of this place. Neglected, forlorn. Its those kind of houses that when you shout a "harlooooo" out, the echo will come right back at you amplifying its emptiness... Kinda creepy. I decided to snapped photos in black & white to pay a respect to this old beautiful place. 

Except for this because it has such a pretty turquoise coloured wall and the dresser.... beautiful, old, antique. I want a dresser like this in my new house :)

We then caught a cab back to the hotel for a quick shower before heading out for dinner @ Senado Square, yet again.  

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice Set. MOP48 = RM19

Stewed Beef Noodle with milk tea. MOP35 = RM13.70. 

Verdict : Lousy and pricey. 

Decided to go for Pork Burger and bubble tea to wash the meal down :)

Bubble Tea = MOP14 = RM5.50. Pork Burger MOP10 = RM3.90. 

Verdict : Hard bread, slightly layered with butter and a slab of meat. Plain. 

We tasted way better Pork Burger the next day. More on that later... 

So that was the end of Day 2 in Macau.. Many more to come :)


Anonymous said...

So where's the next day's Pork Burger?

Esther Chew said...

Anon : Sorry. My travel post have been piling up. To many things to blog about :) Will try to get it done within this month...

Esther Chew said...

Hi Anon. I just realize I blog about it already. You can read it here : http://theestherchew.blogspot.com/2012/01/adventure-taipa-cotai-macau.html