January 25, 2012

win-win strategy

OK, I'm going to let you in on a tip...

For the past years, Rockstar have been shopping much more then me.. Seriously..and lately... he started going into expensive watches. In just the last couple of months, he have gotten 7 watches.. and each of them more expensive then the one before...

Do I mind?

Not really... I was at first but then not anymore. You know why?

'Cause I made a deal with him... I told him, "Anytime you want to buy something for yourself, you must first get something for me. If you can't afford to get something for me, then the item you want is most probably not worth buying. 

*ding*ding* 1 score for the girls in 'Guy vs Girl'

Well, truthfully, is a win-win situation. The guy wants something, he gets something for the girl, the girl is happy, the guy gets to buy what he wants, he is happy too. Conclusion : both happy :) 

Other benefits :
1. It also helps him to think twice about getting something.
2. It makes him a smarter buyer. 
3. It helps control the addictive shopaholic syndrome.
4. It gives him the freedom to shop. 
5. Its helps him prioritize his life. 

And it's been working... so far :)

Try it and let me know how it works out.. 

Disclaimer : This only applies to guys who shops a lot. Guys, if your girl shops more then you, please try the above at your own risk. 

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