January 28, 2012

Bride & Day (mare)

I woke up today with a heavy head and pounding heart.  I had a dream... I'm in church and it's my wedding day. I'm all dressed up in some big massive cap gown but without make-up and my hair was a mess. My make-up artist did not turned up. And my photographer bailed out last minute stating that I did not pay him a deposit. And then Rockstar forgotten to give the bridal walk in music to the sound people. And then there was only a hand full of people sitting in the pews. And the pastor walked in with a long black cloak *like in some epic Cowboy Indian funeral show* with black top hat. I quickly got my twin to do my make-up, handed my camera to a friend to take pictures and as I wanted to walk down the aisle, I realized my eyebrows are horrendous. 

Like some big furry black worm stuck onto my forehead. And as I got closer to the aisle, it grew and grew *like some freak sci-fi show* and became even more lopsided...if I remembered my dream correctly, I think I tried shaving my own eyebrows because I did not get it done earlier and i accidentaly shaved it wrongly. So its bend like a hockey stick with the longer end hanging vertically beside my eye. How horrid to walk down the aisle on the most important day of your life looking like a monster? 

That nightmare... or bride-mare should have given me a warning sign that it's gonna be a bad day... but since I don't believe such crap, I pushed it aside.. 

But later as I drove to church, in my mother-in-law (to-be)'s car... the temperature needle went all the way to the warning red line *really scary* and with my heart pounding again, I turned in to the petrol station and got a nice petrol attendant to assist me.. Radiator almost dried, and after pouring water in, it started to leak. Our conclusion : radiator leaking. But after a while, the dripping stopped. So I managed to drive back to Rockstar's house and will have 1 day to ponder the complexity of cars before sending it to the workshop on Monday. 

Didn't I say I am jinx already? CAR, Y U NO LIKE ME?

Saw this on proudduck.com and decided to post it up because it made me laugh.. 

Bridezilla or not... Bride-mare or not, thank God I do not have a beard and mustache..

I think I'll take a long shower, slather on some lavender lotion, put on a mask and prop my feet up in front of the TV...

........and do what I always do when I am feeling down and horrible... EAT CHOCOLATES!!!

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