January 6, 2012

The wedding rush begins...

Updated 20th June 2013 *Thanks to everyone who have been reading my blog or lead to this post in some way or other. This post is now more than 1 year old and since I highly doubt that the packages/ rates are the same, I would advise you to contact the hotel directly for the latest package/rate. However, if you would still like an outdated quotation or price list, please drop me an email/comment. If I don't reply after 1 week, please send me another email/ comment as some emails have been diverted to junk mail. peace :) *

Looking around for wedding dinner wasn't easy. The things we considered important were the ambiance and the entire package provided. Some hotels seems great at first but upon viewing the ballroom... we went *erm*... instead of *wow*. Some had everything in it but the price is to high. Some had the venue but the service wasn't that good *I know I'm hard-to-please*. Oh, and the 1 thing we were very aware of its the additional cost such as additional RM4K per hour if you exceed 11pm, or extra RM15 per person if you want soft drinks or the RM12K if you want LED screen and stuff like that. 

So for brides-to-be, here are our list of wedding venues, wedding packages for 2012 and our conclusion on it:

1. Shangri-La Hotel
- Elegance Package - RM2,188++
- Glamour Package - RM2,388++
- Indulgence Package - RM2,588++

Our take : Really awesome ballroom, gorgeous and grand. But price too high. Event Executive English and service was so bad that she brought down the whole luxury and class of the brand *this shows how important staffs are*. And if you want your dinner on weekends, you have to rent the entire grand ballroom which is a minimum of I think 70-80 tables.

2. Mandarin Oriental 
- RM1,888++
- RM2,888++
- RM3,188++

Our take : Their package is 1 of the cheapest offered. They have 2 ballroom - Diamond (max 30 tables) and Grand (max of 110 tables). Not so good part - minimum spending of RM80,000 for Diamond Ballroom and RM150,000 for Grand Ballroom. So if I take RM1,888 + 16% tax * 50 tables, it will only come up to RM110,000+. Which also mean I have to add in another RM40,000 for other stuff.

3. The Westin Kuala Lumpur
- RM2,188++
- RM2,388++

Our take : Westin was my first choice. Their Asst. Director of Sales is a really nice guy. Their package is good meaning it includes everything, no additional charges, no hidden cost. However, the ballroom did not have the *wow* factor for me.

4. The Ritz-Carton, Kuala Lumpur

Our take : No quotes provided as we have to select the menu first. But their ballroom could only accommodate 35 tables and it has pillars *I'm against pillars in a ballroom*.

5. JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur

Our tale : Proposal was RM1,950 due to our food selection. According to the Sales Personel, price normally range from RM1,600-RM1,800 depending on menu. Ballroom looks good, food is good, package also good.

6. Palace of the Golden Horses
- RM1,288++
- RM1,488++
- RM1.688++

Our take : Prices good but nah, it wasn't really up for our consideration. Just saja email them and ask :)

7. Sime Darby Convention Center
- RM988++
- RM1,199++
- RM1,388++

Our take : Everything same as hotel. Food is good. Package is good. They even have a roof garden and 2 suites up there which is included in the package. The only deciding factor is the 'convention center' vs 'hotel'.

8. Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
- RM1,888++
- RM2,088++
- RM2,288++

Our take : Old hotel, old ballroom but have a sense of old charm and class. Best value package. Really good service provided by the Catering Sales Manager. She even 'belanja' us buffet lunch when we visited the ballroom. And then we found out we graduated from the same university, meaning additional benefits for us :)

9. Doubletree by Hilton
- RM2,088++

Our take: New hotel. Contemporary design. Ballroom is big and new. But i didn't like the escalators right in front of the ballroom entrance.

10. The Pullman Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar
- Passion - RM1,588++
- Desire - RM1,788++

Our take : Brand new hotel. Biggest Pullman Hotel in SEA. We would have consider this if not for the uncertainty. It will only be expected to open mid of this year. :( At the moment, they cannot give us a guarantee, and there is no visual/photos/artist impression of the ballroom.

We also did check The Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur. But same as The Pullman Hotel, it will only be expected to open mid of this year.

For brides-to-be who are interested, the ++ on the prices means include 10% for service charge and 6% for governement tax. Please email me if you want the quotes/proposal.

So that's it, today Rockstar and I 'pulled the trigger' as he so aptly *erm* put it. We put a deposit for it, signed up for a pre-wedding shoot and booked our flights for honeymoon - all in 1 day. Yeah,  I know I was so against pre-wedding shoots as I find it a waste of time and money but well, there is a long story to it - which will be explain in another post. So here goes our wedding planning....

So which hotel did you think we finally picked? :)

* addition info anded on 15.1.2013

10. Oriental Banquet, Section 10, Petaling Jaya

'The Everlasting Love'
RM 888 nett (Mon-Thurs)
RM 988 nett (Fridays, weekend, Public Holidays)

Other packages available
- RM 768 nett (only Mon-Thurs, excluding Public Holds)
- RM 888 nett (valid for 20 tables && above)
- RM 1088 nett
- RM 1238 nett (valid for 20 tables && above)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

Esther Chew said...

You're welcome! Let me know if you are interested in any of the quotations :)

babya2j said...

Hi! First of all, Congratulations! The info is great! I'm currently planning my own and was wondering if you still have the quotations. Thanks heaps!

Esther Chew said...

Hi babya2J, congrats to you too :) Sure, I still have them. Which one do you want?

Jac said...

Hi I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling for wedding venues in KL. The quotes actually doesn't make sense to me (sorry I'm new to this hahah). So when it says RM2000++ for example, what does the $2000 cover? Thanks. And congratulations!

Esther Chew said...

Hi Jac. No prob :)

Normally a wedding package will include food, decor & flowers, venue, wedding cake, 1/2 nights free stay, waiver of corkage fee, free flow of drinks/ chinese tea, red carpet, usage of sound system, wedding flavours, etc. But each hotel varies. For example, some provide 8-course, some 9, some 10 course. Some will give a cheaper rate for wine. Like for JW Marriot, price was good except for the fact that projectors were not included and if we were to exceed 11pm, there will be additional charges.

So what you got to do is to ask for quotations and compare them. Choose the one that provides you the best that you want. Like if you plan to end before 11pm, or if you have your own wine supplier, or if you don't need a full 10-course meal, then go for the ones that offers that.

Hope that helps :)

Jac said...

Thanks for the reply! So does that mean, say for a $2800+++ package, and not considering anything extra, I'll be paying only $2800 plus the tax for EVERYTHING for that whole night?

Esther Chew said...

yup. thats right.

But as mentioned it really depends on the hotel. Like for JW Marriot, they have additional charge for using projector and if you want soft drinks free flow for the whole night, its additional RM8 per pax I think. If you dun need then no need to pay extra.

I took Sheraton Imperial's package, and have already told the hotel I'm not paying extra for anything. Even when I wanted certain kind of flowers, which wasn't in that package, I just told them to work within their allocate budget. The only thing extra I'm spending for dinner is buying my own wine & alcohol.

Syark-Loud / Syar-Cloud said...

can i have your email? these ballroom prices are unbelievably cheap! i got loads of questions about it.

eric peter said...

hi esther can i have your mail add... need to enquire for sime darby convention centre. thanks

Edvin Phang said...

Hi, do you mind sharing package for JW, Pullman and Grand Hyatt?


Esther Chew said...
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Esther Chew said...

Edvin, sure. I have the hardcopy for JW. As for Pullman and Grand Hyatt, its softcopy. Could you drop me and email and I will send it to you? estherchew17@gmail.com

Esther Chew said...

Oh gosh, sorry for the late response. My blogger did not show any new comments. Anyway, my email address is estherchew17@gmail.com

Esther Chew said...

Hi Erci, sorry for the late response. My blogger did not show any new comments. Anyway, my email address is estherchew17@gmail.com. If you want Sime Darby, please book fast as I heard that they are almost fully booked this year.

Blankard said...

What's the package like for Pullman and Grand Hyatt? Hope it's good and affordable.

Esther Chew said...

Hi Blankard, yup, quite affordable. Send me your email add and I will send you the package and rates.

Low Ellie said...

Hi Esther , is it ok if you can send the JW Marriot Package 2013 to me at jasmine@armadale.com.my ..tq so much!!

jiunnli said...

Hey esther, not getting married anytime soon but I am just interested in these info. Care to share jwmarriot, grand hyatt and westin package with me? This is my email. Thanks n look forward to hear from you:) cjune11@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Esther,
Great info! It is really very useful. I am loking for a wedding venue for end of this year. Wondering if you know any reviews for Saujana Hotel? And for Pullman, do you know when they estimate to be opening?
My email add is lord_huey@yahoo.com, would be easier with emails. Thanks!


Eskimo said...

Hello Esther, thank you for sharing of the information. Would you mind to share with me the quotation of Pullman and JW Marriot too? My email address is eskimo828@yahoo.com.
Thank you in advance! Have a good day!

JemimaS said...

Hi Esther, i find your blog to be very informative. Is it possible for you to send me the details of Grand Hyatt, Pullman and Westin Hotel? My email address : suhartantoj@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch! :)

farysa said...


Can you email me for Pullman?TQ

~Valicious~ said...

Dear Esther,

Great info, thx for sharing it to all. Can u send me - JW Marriott, Westin and Sheraton Imperial quotation. My email : valarie.siew@gmail.com Thx u vy much.

Judy Lee said...

Dear Ester

I was surfing through wedding infor and found your site to be interesting. I am launching the Vivatel Wedding package for 2015 with more wow factors and am lucky to have a Grand Ballroom with a 26 ft ceiling height pillarless hall that has a comfortable seating capacity of 90 tables. The price starts from RM1288 per table. Located in Loke Yew the hotel is accessible to the multiple access roads and highway knowing that guests are going to reach in time for your grand wedding dinner.

joy said...

I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.



Leslie Lim said...

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