December 31, 2011

Good Bye, 2011 !!

It's 2 hours till the end of 2011 and I'm sitting at home with my feet up....blogging. I guess being a year older made me appreciate the finer things in life such as a night at home, reflecting instead of getting drunk and doing stupid things in lieu of a new year :) since 2011 is ending, it's mandatory that I talk about the good stuff that happened. Truth be told, I'm not entirely happy with my 2011. There were a lot of ups and downs and I just wish some things were different. But then we only have 2011 once and what is done is over. So Esther Chew, get on with life!!! 

 Here's a summary of my year 2011.

 Lifestyle 7/10 
- got more animation-fied 
- spend more time working on friendships 
- laugh more 
- learn to take things easier instead of getting stress out all the time 
- learn to trust God more 
- ate more 
- got more undisciplined 
- cooked more 
- got apple-fied 
- shop less = spend less money
- blog more

Business 5/10 
- closed both my retail outlets 
- turn my focus on wholesales and distribution 
- build up client base 
- started my web base business 

 MAD 6/10 
- spend more time investing in others life 
- got to know my officers better 
- learn to trust myself more 
- got a hang off captainship :)

 Passion 8/10 
- finally got a DSLR 
- didn't improve in my photography skills as much as I want to 
- travelled to 7 different places, more then I ever wish for 
- got myself certified as an Open Water Diver

 Relationship 8/10 
- love more 
- understands more 
- learn to let small things go 
- spend more time with love ones 
- got engaged with an awesome guy 

 Health 5/10 
- gain weight 
- exercise less 
- indulge in ice-cream and chocolates more :)

Reading back at my 2011 blog posts, I can't help laughing at some of the things I wrote. Maybe 2011 wasn't too bad. 

So here's my wishes for 2012. 

1. Dream more and work towards my dreams.
2. Live healthily.
3  Discipline myself.
4. Have my dream wedding and honeymoon 
5. Work on being more MAD...

Welcome 2012!!! Looking forward to what you have to offer :) 

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