December 1, 2011

Would you?

Just last night, I was on my way for a meeting, driving my brother's car Green Ninja and the oil light flashed on.. Since it was rush hour and was pouring heavily, I turned into the nearest petrol station and called my dad.........

.......... and to cut the long story short, I bought some engine oil, poured it in, and 2 guys came to helped. They were parked beside my car and were sort of stranded cause their car broke down too. After some talking and stuff, one of them asked me if I could drop them off at Bandar Utama. It was pouring, they couldn't get a cab and the toll truck was only coming much later. 

So many thoughts rolled into my mind... will it be safe? Should I allow 2 strangers to get in the car with me? But they seem nice. One of them even gave me his name card after finding out what I do. They were decent. And we were sort of in the same boat... car problem.. But I don't even know them. But they did help me. And if I were in their position, I would want someone to help to right? Didn't the bible teach us to help those in need? Should I? Shouldn't I? Will I leave to regret it... or even blog about it?? 

Yep, you guess it... I didn't not help them... 

I called Rockstar and he said no *ever protective boyfriend fiance*

Now, thinking back about it... I just wonder what have the world turned into? where people are so afraid of helping others, where we are taught since young never to talk to strangers, where we all grow up knowing that there are evil people out there who wants to cause us harm. Since when have the world turn so uncivilized and evil? I wonder when will I ever get a chance to just stop and help a stranded person, or just offer my help to a random stranger, or to open my door and give a meal to someone who is hungry? 

Are men evil? Or are there evil men?

If you were me, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Its hard to decide on such situation if you're gonna help them or not. As a believer i know we are taught to love the people around us but human as we are we also have to think of our own safety. Are men evil? Yes, the bible says no one is righteous. Since you
re a woman, i think you did the right thing - protecting yourself. Though it could imply that you have less trust that God will protect you.. but hey were not Super-Christians so dont be so hard on yourself.

On the other thought, if you really want to help them but you're afraid. You shouldve asked your fiance to come and give them a lift instead. :-)

Esther Chew said...

Hey Anon, thanks for your thoughts. I just wish for a time when we don't have to worry about safety anymore. I think I'll have to wait for heaven..

Anyway, how I hope that I can be a Super-Christian :) but then just being a normal Christian is hard enough.. or is it just me?

Nah, I doubt that he will come.. Not in the pouring rain.. It will take him more time to get there then for them to get a cab..

Anonymous said...

No, its not just you sis. As what other people say, The Christian life is not hard but impossible.... without Christ.