December 13, 2011

Day 2 - Macau Island : Old vs. New

Warning: Time to grab a cup of tea or coffee. 

Narrow winding lanes, hidden buildings, interesting architecture, mysterious sounding lanes. The south section of the Macau tourist line seem to attract less people compare to its bustling sister in the central and northern area. Walking through tiny winding lanes with cobblestones pavements, occasionally passing by people wandering down the lanes, we took a slow stroll pass life in Macau. Hidden among rows and rows of flats were beautiful buildings waiting... just waiting to hear the footsteps of travelers. 

St Augustine's Church

Hidden right at the end, way behind the pulpit were a figure of Jesus bearing the cross. As I linger on to stare at the beautiful ceiling, I overheard that touching the feet of Jesus brings blessing to the 'toucher'. Well, I did not touch it. After all, I see God's blessings in my life everyday :)

A tiny corner at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library gave refuge during the heat of the day. A space tuck away from the bustling city, surrounded by bigger buildings. Like an oasis. Such a hidden gem. 

Dom Pedro V Theatre. Closed for renovation :(

More narrow lanes. 
Like treasure hunting. 
Walking passed lanes hoping to catch a glimpse 
of beautiful buildings hidden among its lesser cousins.

Intricate gate design

Beautiful colours in the sanctuary of the St. Lawrence's Church. 

Beige on the outside of St. Lawrence's Church.

Tiny gift shop tuck under some trees. 

Glimpse of clock pillar of the St. Lawrence's Church.  

Rose pink building of the Central Office of the Macau S.A.R. Government. I like.. 

Too soon, we arrive into a different world with modern buildings and high-rises. 

View of Macau Tower from afar.  
Was hoping to jump off from it. 
Maybe another time. 

More buildings and high rise. 
Such a vast contrast between the old and new. 
Sometimes I feel culture and creativity gets lost in the process of civilization. 

We ended our morning with lunch at New Yaohan. 

Roast Chicken Rice

Korean Beef Fried Rice MOP38

Korea Kimchi Dumplings MOP23

Mango Dessert with slices of jack fruit in milk & Mango Pudding with Sago  

Afternoon adventure coming.. 

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