December 30, 2011

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Christmas is almost over and the new year is here. But before it ends, here are some pictures from Christmas week taken and edited with my iPad :)

Home-made macaroons. Present from Dena Cheah.
Big Christmas tree @ JW Mariott, KL
Mini macaroons from 'the Vanilla shop'. Present from Rockstar. 
Dinner with Sam & Joyce @ Nando's, MV

Chritmas Eve Supper @ The Chew's Residence
My eldest sister, Joyce posing with her birthday present. 
Miniature Bvlgari. Gift from Rockstar and me to all the ladies. 
Clay cat and fish made by my youngest sister and perfected by my second sister :)
Dad & Edwin playing with real & toy camera. 
Lydia & Edwin...acting....erm...
Edwin meditating with pillows on his head. Pillows presents from eldest sister to all of us. 
Thumbdrive . Gift from Rockstar and me to all the gentlemen.  


My Christmas presents!!!! 
Rockstar's birthday dinner @ Marche, the Curve

Family picture on Christmas Eve with all our pressies. 

*Picture taken from BIL. 

An apple 
'cause Rockstar got me an apple keyboard for Christmas *heart*

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