December 22, 2011

Christmas with Sunbeams Home

Its 1 day to Christmas and more and more people are trying to catch up on last minute shopping. I don't understand why do people always wait till last minute to buy presents? I've realized that the later they shop for it, the more stress out and angry they become and it defeats the purpose of giving. Christmas is all about giving. God gave us the greatest gift of all which is His one and only Son. And He did so with unconditional love. Why can't we learn to gift with the mere little that we have. I've heard people saying, "Don't give me presents" or "I hate giving presents during Christmas. Its so tedious and commercialize". But I guess they forgot that God gave His Son to us. And I believe that I am giving love when I give gifts to my loves ones. I really do enjoy giving. Its not the gift that matters. Its the effort and love put into the gifts.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon, the 10th Kuala Lumpur BB Company Officers & NCOs decided to pay Sunbeams Home a visit. Sunbeams Home have been attached to 10th KL for the last 3 years and this year, we decided to do something special by spreading some Christmas love and spending some time with them.

We had 2 hours. Since not all of them are in the Boys' Brigade, we had some ice-breaking and got to know them. 

Some of the children. I noticed there were a lot of new boys toddler below the age of 6. 

The NCOs/ Ko-Kor, Che-Che


Goodies we brought them



Singing Christmas carols..

Lead by WO Makarios and WO Ian

The youngest member of Sunbeams Home trying to sing-a-long with us

They can't read but mumbled along anyway. I know because the small boy in red, Justin is in my Pre-Junior class :) He is 6 years old and the level of comprehension that he has is not the same as the rest of my class. 

Playing games with them

Presents time!!! 
The girls were more orderly and they worked together 'aka did not distribute the presents but left all in a big box to be taken back to share with all'. 

A very sweet girl

The boys were a different story. It was grab, grab, grab as much as you can carry.. 

Gosh, I hope they do not get sugar high... 

Food time!!
Having nasi lemak, fish ball and some cakes and jellies for dessert. 

Some of the older boys. 

He is so cute. His name is Issac. In that 2 hours we were there, he ran around, smile at me, laugh, drank milk from a milk bottle, took a nap and sat there quietly. I just wonder how he was left at the home... 

Final. A group picture.. 

All in all, we had fun... or at least I know I did. I've spend time with some of them for the last 3 years to know that all they want is attention and love. This children are not all orphans. Some are because their parents cannot afford to take care of them. Hence, Sunbeams Home. However, I do see the bond and the friendship build within them. You could clearly see the older ones taking care of the younger ones. And its so fun having such a huge family right?? You will not lack in looking for someone to play with. 

What these children need are attention and if you could spare some time - just go talk to them, play with them or anything. Show them that someone cares... 

Signing off now...

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!!! Don't forget the reason for Christmas...:)

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