December 3, 2011

I'm Jinx...

I'm really jinx...

This morning I woke up early, got dressed and headed out to meet some friends for breakfast driving the Grey Shark aka spare car as my car is under repair. The car died just down the road -_-

Why is it that every car I drives either breakdown or causes problems? Seriously, my car when I am driving it (it doesn't happen when my dad drives it), my brother's car which suspiciously broke down when I drove it and even my mum's car which is a new car heated up when I am driving it.... Its either I'm too 'hot' ;p or cars just don't like me..

Why me??

The other day, my dad commented that I could write a book on car problems as I have more than enough experiences. Maybe I should? I can already picture it in my mind with the title 'Solving Car Problems a Girl's Way ' or maybe 'My car hates me!!!' or maybe 'Car problems? All you need is just a lipstick' - sounds kinda bimbo-ish.  

Which do you think will sell better?

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