December 15, 2011

10th KL NCOs rocks!!!

10th KL NCO Retreat 2011 ended yesterday *opps, i meant Wednesday*. As usual, it was 3 days of planning, brain-storming, doing crazy stuff and of cause bonding time.. 

Here's some memories taken by Ssgt Byap ( I curi-ted his photos from FB).

First up, a photos of us all hard at work. Yes, very few NCOs. We had so little that we did not managed to meet the quorum for AGM. This happened because of some changes, lots of travel and Christmas plans of the NCOs. Note to self: Do not ever change the date once it has been confirmed. 


Not my best look but yeah... that's me in uniform.. 

10th KL Sgts..
Sgt Loh Pishon, Sgt Cheryl-lyn, Sgt David, Sgt Daniel

Crazy stuff happens Bonding Session
Well, just a note of warning: Mark can be quite scary when he comes after you!!! 

Enjoying some really old pictures on FB

Playing tetris. 
Yeap, who says work and play can't go together.. 

Hard at work again..

Not all activities were in the meeting room. We did not take any pictures outside as the camera man was busy playing too :)

And finally, the customary group picture. For memory sake, I will list down all their names. 
From left to right: Captain Esther (yeah, i know.. I'm the shortest smallest), Lieutenant Andrew, Warrant Officer Mark, Staff-Sergeant Benjamin Yap, Sergeant Loh Pishon, Sergeant David Chin, Sergeant Cheryl-lyn, Sergeant Daniel Chew, Corporal Ivan Ong , Corporal Jan Cheah, Lance-Corporal Aidan Ho, Lance-Corporal Brandon Cheah, Lance-Corporal Brian Ee, Lance-Corporal Benjamin Ying, Probate David Cheong, Probate Amos Yap. 

Just about 50% of the entire NCO Council 

Without fail... The 10th KL Pose!!! 
....and some random people behind who are noobs!!!!

And finally, another crazy shot!!

10th KL rocks!! 
10th KL NCOs rocks!!
The end of another great planning session. Exciting things to come next year :)

More pictures here.. 

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