December 5, 2011

I like criminal minds

10 reasons why I love my iPad2:

1. It's white.
2. It has so many cool apps.
3. I can watch CSI and Criminal Minds and blog at the same time.
4. I can do devotions on my bed before starting my day.
5. I get to read in bed at night without a reading light.
6. I get to work without even getting out off bed :) but then I also carry work to bed at night :(
7. I get to carry google map along without printing out directions on paper.
8. I can watch movies on the go.
9. I just like it la.
10. It's been given by a special someone. :p

My BIL commented yesterday over dinner that my blog post are too long, so from now onwards, I'll keep it as short as possible...hopefully :) or maybe I'll just put a warning sign at the top if it's a super long post :p

Ok, Crminal Minds ending. Time to go.

p.s. It helps me understand Rockstar better...

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