December 26, 2011

iPad song

My dad is quite a high tech person for an old older man...I meant he knows his stuff and he knows what's new the the market and all.. however, he's can be a little slower in learning them..

Just the other day, I was telling him how ipad works. 

Me : To backup my files and data, I sync my ipad to my laptop. 

Dad : What song do you sing? Rock? Classical?



my dad is a joker.. really.. 

Anyway, Christmas is over but I'm so not over the holiday mood yet. I am feeling real sluggish after all the eating. So all my photos will just have to wait :)

Driving down to PD tomorrow. Not for holiday *i wish*... I'm going for work...

see ya in a bit..

take care and don't eat so much :)

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