December 11, 2011

all set to rock and roll

Sorry for being so quiet for the past 1 week. Really busy with work. I just got back from Ipoh this afternoon. Was away for a work function for 3 days and I dragged my twinnie and youngest sister with me for free labour.. muahaha!!!! *evil laugh* but i fed them well :) 

It's was quiet and boring; and I used the time to catch up on tv series and Marval anime *wolverine comes in anime now :) * and some wedding planning. Yes, I've started planning for it.. We are targeting for a date which I will not say for now; but within less then 1 year time frame. I'm working on the theme *woots! so many ideas* and guest list - its so difficult deciding who to invite. I've so many friends and kids...  to all my friends who wanna see me get married; start being nice to me!!! :)

Talking about that, lots of friend asked why I didn't blog about my engagement.. I did. If you didn't read between the lines; click here to read about it. The post pretty much sum up the whole thing. I will not be doing another post on it. 

Some people make their engagement a big thing. I'm not condemning it. Its just that for me, a proposal its just between 2 person. Its a promise made, a commitment to each other. What happened, how it happened, its just not necessary for everyone else to know. So for those who are curious, I'm really sorry but I'm not going to tell how it happened or what happened or who say what or did i cry or what he said or anything else. 

Anyway, this is just a post to say that I've started planning my wedding and to people around me... watch out... BRIDE-zilla is coming!!!!!

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