May 31, 2012

Brain Food : Giant Killers

No person ever achieved greatness without facing a giant obstacles. 

I've been attending a training called the Million Leaders Mandate managed by this group called Equip. Equip started with Dr. John C. Maxwell vision of equipping leaders to impact the world for Christ. The Million Leaders Mandate became a global initiative to develop one million international Christian leaders by 2008. By God's grace, they have exceeded way beyond that goal. 

What pushed me to attend this training was the fact that Dr. John C Maxwell is a well-known management guru and coming from a training background, I know that training like these cost a bomb!! But guess what, Million Leaders Mandate training's are given free... FREE!!! A group of people who have benefited from these training are now training other people. 

Basically what I learn is Dr. John C Maxwell super-duper managements and leadership skills converted into simple, biblical perspective. Or in other words, leadership skills from the bible. There are 6 books in total and each book have 6 lessons. Twice a month, I attend classes and I am currently at Book 4. 

It's been a good journey and I'll try to record things that I've learned along the way so that you guys can learn too :)

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