May 6, 2012

I like them big

We had a few family gathering in our house lately and I'm liking it. Says who you only need special occasion or Chinese New Year to see everyone.. 

Gathering 1. We had home-cooked nasi lemak with lots of spicy sample, acar and homemade kuihs.. Yummy! Then the cousins all came together for a game of Charades before moving to 'Hello Jack'. Hello Jack is crazy fun. Each of us were given cards and take turns to show the card in the middle of the table. Depending on what numbers were shown, we had to do an action. ie. 8 for elephant with your right hand, 7 for elephant with your left, 10 for banging the table with your right hand, 5 for doing a left hand sunglasses, 10 for jumping up, saluting and shouting 'Hello Jack". ...the crazy stuff that youngsters come up with surprise me sometimes.. 

Gathering 2 was a combination of 2 families. We started early in the evening with my mum's family followed by my dad's family later in the evening. Isn't it awesome that we can eat throughout the night? A pot-bless where everyone brought their own speciality. We had curry duck, curry pork, rendang chicken, mushroom chicken, sweet & sour fish, mixed vegetables, curry leaf  stir friend prawn, satay and a few types of dessert. 

Dinner started outdoors but had to be moved indoors when the rain started pouring really really heavily and the strong wind blew rain onto the food... and us. My aunt made her special carrot cake with really delicious icing topped with mango slices..

Stacks of pizza from Dominoes came later. We ended the night with a game of taboo... and yes, the girls won!!! Woohoo!!! ... and my cousin from Australia is back.:) The last time I saw him was more than a year ago in Melbourne. He is heading for a student exchange program to Italy for a couple of months.. So lucky!!

Aren't having big family just great?? :)

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