May 14, 2012

happy faces

Since my twinnie have already posted up the video from Mothers Day presentation @ church, you can just hop right over there to check it out.. :)

I spend my Mothers' Day weekend attending 3 services, sort off... 

Since I'm super sleepy, I'm just going to post up 2 pictures of happy faces..

No. 1 Happy faces after a great Mother's Day performance. Backstage. Kids with their daddies.

No. 2. Happy faces after Mother's Day lunch buffet @ Maiu Japanese Buffet Restaurant. 

back row L-R : Bro Daniel, BIL Eugene, yours truly
front row L-R : BIL Eason, 2nd sister Grace, me twinnie Lydia, eldest sister Joyce, Mum dearest, youngest sister, Dad

I like this picture :) 

Nite peeps * zombish face*

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