May 9, 2012

an adventure : Why Shenzhen?

According to Wikitravel, Shenzhen is one of the most populous and richest city in China. Shenzhen is located just at the northern border of Hong Kong. Since we could not get a reasonable price room in Hong Kong, we decided to head towards Shenzhen and spend a night there. 

My first time to Shenzhen was truly an eye-opener. Before the trip, all I had in mind was just another city in China. However, my visit there changed that thought. Here's are reasons why I like Shenzhen:

1. New clean trains - We took a ferry from Zhuhai to Shekou, then at Shekou Port, we got onto Shekou Metro towards Luohu, a stop before the border to Hong Kong. The MRTs are super clean and new. 

2. Big shopping malls. Floors and floors of goodies and merchandise, enough to keep wholesalers or any buyers satisfied and happy. However, don't forget to bargain as the asking price can be exorbitant. 

3. Water features. Right smack in the middle of their train station cum immigration center cum bus station cum shopping mall - Luohu Commercial City. Artistic. Added beauty to an otherwise drab and busy lifestyle. 

4. Underground shopping malls. All the more to get underground out of the rain, rain, rain. Interconnected with trains. Like a city in its own, underground. 

5. Outdoor shopping malls - Dong Men Pedestrian Street. Modern with hints of Chinese and western culture in the architecture. Lots of branded apparels in big, huge shops mixed with small, quirky, cheap stuff in small, narrow, beside the alley shops. 

6. People. Crazy people who comes out shopping in the rain. Me included :)

7. Shopping Experience. I wished I have more time walking through the narrow twisting corridors, jam packed with all sorts of goodies. Like Chatuchak in Bangkok. The best part, its indoor and its air-conditioned. Bliss!!

8. Beautiful lighted up skyscraper. I like looking at buildings at night and watch the lights blink.

9. The cityline. Its just amazing how China have become so modern and advance. I could see buildings after buildings, skyscrapers, modern architecture, all lining the skyline of Shenzhen. I walked along their walkways, clean and nice. The air is clean and cool, without any stench of smoke and smell. 

I didn't manage to visit other attractions and places, but in the very short time I spend in Shenzhen, I like it here - except for the rain :). The shopping experiences you'll get is something to consider. Its just a couple of train stops to the central of Hong Kong (although the immigration might take abit of time) - but you'll get to shop on both side :)

Its not busy and bustling like Shanghai, its not filled with cultural heritage like Beijing. Shenzhen is a class on its on, modern, clean and safe. 

Time to pack you bags, guys! 

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