June 1, 2012

Roller Coaster ride

My life is like a roller coaster. There was never a day where everything is just a routine.. seriously..

I just got back from a week long trip to the East Coast. A week later, I am again packing my bags for another week long trip. This time not for pleasure but pain... lol.. I am heading to Johor for Pesta 2012!!! Its a bi-annual event and the last was held in 2010. I survived it 2 years ago.. not sure whether I'll come out alive this year tho :). My bag is packed... almost. I still got a few items that need to be stuffed into my bag before leaving tomorrow morning (or is it already today) for a long bus ride filled with bunch of kids towards Johor...

I'm kinda panicky now...


... here comes a week of sleepless nights on cold hard floor and.... school toilets... and hot sun... 

I'll leave you with this - a picture of me strapped to a chair by this 3 goons.

* picture taken by Instructor Kelly

Story to come when I get back :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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