May 27, 2012

Eating in Shenzhen

Go where the local goes. That's what we try to do every time we visit a new place. When we were in Shenzhen, we came upon a restaurant that seem quite popular. According to Rockstar, its cheap and good and locals love it. Since it was already full house, we had to walk a few doors away to their extension outlet located on the 2nd floor in a shady looking area. Since we were not very hungry, we decided to share. 

We ordered the char siew rice set which turned out really yummy. The meat was soft and juicy. Rice was kinda dry. RMB28

We ordered fried rice. I like chinese fried rice. Its normally never goes wrong. RMB20

We ordered goose. Absolutely delish. Just the thing on a cold wet night. Crispy goose skin with perfectly cooked flesh,soaked in oily juice and laid upon crunchy peanuts.. 

I can't remember the name of the shop but the logo was kinda like a white thing with a yellow star inside :)

On our last day, we walked to one of the malls in Shenzhen whose name I also can't remember *that's what happens when you blog 8 months after*. Since I also can't recall the name of the cafe or how much we paid, I'm just going to post up pictures *failed blogger*. I only remembered that they had a cool looking laptop-like menu and the soft shell crab was yummy :)

Absolutely failed. Sorry peeps. 

Lesson learned. Blog faster!!!

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