May 2, 2012

Weekend Gateway to PD - Girls only!!

4 friends. 17 years. Friendship of a lifetime.

We've been planning a getaway for so long and finally managed to get a weekend free. Last Saturday, we packed out bags, bikinis, sunglasses, sunscreen... grab our bags, and off we go. About 1 1/2 hour drive later, we reach our destination - Ancasa All Suites Resort & Spa

Woohoo!! We got a huge sea view apartment with gorgeous bay view to boot. 4 girls and 1 really cute and clever two years old baby girl - great way to spend the weekend. I brought my Canon SLR, so here are some of my favourite shoots.

View of Teluk Kemang 

Cutie pie

The only picture I have with her, since I was the one holding the camera most of the time.. yeah, you can see half my face :)

*picture taken by Joyce. 

Small feet in big my shoes.. Reminds me so much of my childhood days.. 

She tried putting on some 'cream' and 'makeup'..

... and then hid behind the curtain when I scolded her for messing up my eyeliner. LOL!

Us. Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh. 4 friends unite. 

me Mousie... 

Joyce & rock baby 

Mother. Daughter. 

I like this picture of me twinnie with the sunset. When I showed her, she said, "Why my hair so puffy one?"* We were on the 7th floor. There was a strong breeze blowing all the time. 

Her pose when I told her to act cute..

balancing act.. 

fresh out of bed face..

We kept bribing her with Chocolate Panda if she sang songs for us.. Mean aunties :)

Merajuk face.. 

Moonlight over the sea..

I tried taking some artistic shots of lights... but failed badly. 

Here's my failed attempt of a heart... 

If you noticed, there are no pictures of beach, swimming pool, sand and trees. Well, we spend the entire 1.5 day inside the apartment, venturing out only for dinner.... It was super hot la!! hehe.. 

On Sunday morning, we were awoken by a warning announced over loud speakers across the entire beach. A warning about a flood and for us to act fast. I quickly called the reception who then confirmed that it was just a prank. Stupid right?? How can lifeguards do things like that? However, shortly after that, we heard thunder and could see the dark clouds advancing quickly from far across the horizon. We packed, and was out in a jiffy.. 

Short trip but oh, so relaxing and fun... We must have more trips like this..

One last shoot of us all on the bed.. 

Joyce, Lydia, Lucie, Samantha, me

More pictures here...


p.s. All pictures were taken by me. Please credit them back if you would like to use any.

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