May 24, 2012

little town of Kemaman

Every time my family drive up East Coast, we are sure to stop by at this little town of Kemaman for its famous coffee shop... 

Kedai Kopi Hai Peng have been around for generations ages and even though I wish I could tell you more of its history... I really can't because I go there for the food... and nothing but the food... and drinks :)

We were there kinda late this time and most of the good stuff were already gone.... boohoo. If you are there for the first time, just look for a jumble of tables piled high with all sorts of delicacies and goodies. Its located in front of the cash counter where the dragon lady of the shop perch :) 

Take whatever catches you eyes... or tastebuds and look for a table to sit. Sharing tables are allowed. *Its a small town. People there are not monsters*

If you are up for a nice, hot, kaya-butter-oozing-out bun/s, just place your order with the nice foreign waiter. 

kopi = coffee

A must try at almost every old-fashion kopi shop is their hard-boiled eggs. My dad always say that the skill of a kopitiam owner is by the right level of half-boilness of their eggs.. Pour too hot water, it'll turn too hard. Keep it soaking a bit too short and it'll be too uncooked. Not too hard, not too soft, just perfectly right. 

I miss the old-fashion cups they used to serve us with. Now, it comes in plastic sealed cups :( effect of modernization..

Crowds early in the afternoon..

I like Kemaman. Not just for its quaint littke town feel, or its food but also for its cheap shopping. I almost bought 2 super cheap, cape-like bright green and sea blue kaftans... but had to let it go when there were stains on them :(

If you ever have the time, take a slow drive up the coastal road on the East Coast. Its peaceful, its calming, its beautiful. You can stop by the road for a drink of tuak, or a coconut, or walk along the sandy beaches, or visit the pasar malam.. so many interesting things to see and do :)

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