May 21, 2012

We can cook!!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the long absence. Stupid unifi was down again last night and I was away diving entire last week and didn't realize there was limited internet. Anyhow, it was a good 6 days.. away from technology.. away from stress :)

Since I'm still feeling the effect of the long holiday, I am just going to post up lots of pictures. The Saturday before I left, I had a brilliant idea to organize a cooking competition for the members - since the daily programme is kinda boring. And they did surprise me... with their creativity and erm... yeah, that's about it. Thank God I survived their cooking. Check the pictures out to see what I mean...

Camping style cooking with mess tin, stove & solid fuel...


Dish 1 by Juniors - Baked Fried Rice

Dish 2 - Korean Food

Dish 3 - Burger

Dish 4  - Spaghetti

Dish 5 - Pasta

Dish 6 - Baked Rice + Baked Beans

Dish 7 - Pineapple Fried Rice

Dish 8  - Rice with Salad & Tomato + Egg dish. Dessert - Apple Crumble. 

Dish 9 - Tomato Rice with Mushroom, Raisins, Sardin and Corn. 
Best camp food ever...

Dish 10 - Pasta + Mushroom Soup

Looking at the dishes, you'll never imagine that it was all cooked via a small stove, mess tins and solid fuel right? At least most of them did. Some cheated and cooked part portion at home. 

My verdict? 
Camp methods - 2/10 (None of them consider the wind direction, the kitchen space, etc..)
Creativity - 8/10
Preparing & Planning - 5/10 (Quite a number did not plan in advance and forgot chopping board, knife, ladles, etc...)
Food taste - 8/10 (Ok la. Better then I expected)
Budgeting - 2/10 (Most of them underused the budget allocated and did not cooked enough for the entire squad)
Cleanliness & Hygiene - 3/10 (At least I didn't get stomach ache)
Fun - 10/10 :)

Winner? The one with the apple crumble.. Dish 8. Why? They had apple crumble!!! Lol... Nah, they cooked everything from scratch. Even the apple crumble. They planned well. They budgeted well. They were creative. Their preparation methods were clean. Their kitchen space was well planned and clean. Very hygienic. And to top that, their food was delicious. Especially the apple crumble... seriously!!!

All in all, it was a good event. They all had fun and we officers did too. At least now I know that our members got skill :) Although I can't say the same if we go camping out in the jungle. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIEEE!!!

p.s. All photos was taken with my Samsung Galaxy W.


byap321 said...

i did not think about wind direction either :/
but isn't it amazing if they are able to prepare such food for outdoor camps? :D

Esther Chew said...

byap, you're reading me too?

lol... I did cos I taught camping last time :) amazing for an indoor outdoor camp.. but if jungle, a bit doubtful that some of the food will stay fresh.. but yeah, its still amazing :D

byap321 said...

hehee. just knew you have a blog recently!

Esther Chew said...

lol.. okie..

now its time for you to continue blogging :)