April 4, 2010

I need you..

Guess what? I realized that guys and girls can be so different sometimes...

When a girl tells a guy " I need you", she means that she wants him there with her; pysically, mentally and emotionally. She needs him to be there sharing thoughts, supporting her and just being there for her. She wants him to lend a shoulder, wipe her tears, give a hug, hold her tight. She needs to feel that with him there, together, they can stand against the whole world. Just his presence being there, that's what she needs.

When a guy tells a girl "I need you", he means that he wants her love and to know that she loves him. She does not have to be there beside him but its the knowing that she cares and love him. He needs to know that no matter what happens, and even if they are miles apart, she still loves him. He needs the confidence that she belongs to him and will stay right beside him. He needs to know that she will be there for him and will support him true thick and thin.

Well, I learned it the hard way. But enought said, its better late then never :) So what does "I need you" means to you?

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