March 29, 2010

Living in a fantasy world

I have a friend who lives in a world on his own. All he knows is just his family, his friends, his work and about making more money. Ask him about current issues and he will just turn to me with a blank look on his face. His lives in a world, not so perfect, but created just for him without a care of the real world. Politics, environmental issues, government policies, crime, events are of no concern to him and bears no consequences to his life. And he is living blissfully… Oblivious to the chaos around him...

Sounds familiar?

Do you know how many people are stuck in their fantasy world? They live in a world of their own with just their work, friends and families, without a care of the real world. A world that is so real that thousands of others fight and cried and sweat over it. Current issues, politics and world do not concern them.

I believe that this is a norm among younger people. Just ask around and you get your answers. “Ong Ka Ting?” “Who is that?” What is Earth Hour? You got join ah? For what?” “What’s happening in…?” “Oh that dude? I think he us some minister from somewhere dunno doing what.” “ Aiyah, who cares?’ Yeap, that’s right, living in a fantasy world.

Well, to tell you the truth, I used to be like that. I lived in my own world, with just my friends, my activities and my work. “Got earthquake meh? I dunno la” “Erm, where is this Giza place?” Haha… It’s really funny thinking back about how innocent I was. Until my dad got me hooked onto The Star newspaper and now I read it every day withour fail. And I realized how much I was left behind, how peaceful and blessed my life was at that time. Knowing all this widen my eyes and broaden my knowledge of the whole big world out there. And sometimes this real world gets too overwhelming and it frightens me. It changed me and made me realize that the more I know, the less I know.

And I am just a tiny person is this whole big picture..

There is no right and wrong to this. Some live in a fantasy world and stay there till they leave us. Some are too caught up with the real world that they forget how to live their lives. And some blissfully living without even knowing that there is a real world out there.

And life goes on….

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