April 25, 2010

I'm not a rich-ass spoilt kid...

I really really really really really really can’t stand people who think that I super rich and earning big bucks just because I’m working with my dad. Gosh!! They would just assume that I am a spoilt rich-ass kid who got lucky because my dad have his own business. Not only that, they would just expect me to be loaded and pay for their needs and wants.

Well, if my dad is a millionaire and owns a million-dollar company and if I was working with him and we’re making millions, I wouldn’t be driving a 10 year-old car under my mum’s name and having biscuits and water for lunch, would I?

I am just so darn frustrated with this people. If business was that easy to get rich, why aren’t more people in the world doing their own business? Why aren’t they themselves doing their own business instead of working for someone else and earning pittance? Stop envying others and stop pitying yourselves.

You know how hard it is to control the urge to buy something that I want? Let me tell you something, I hate going to shopping centers nowadays. Every time I go, I see beautiful clothes and gorgeous shoes and oh, so many things that I want to get but can’t. I’m a girl, for goodness sake. Girls like shopping. I like shopping. I used to work beside a shopping center and every week, there will be something new in my closet. And I have that liberty to shop and spend money at that time.

But now, I have to be careful with every ringgit that I spend. I have to control the urge to visit online shopping sites. You know how difficult it is to see my sister with all her brand new stuff every week? 7-eleven is just next door and I have to force myself not to go over to get a drink that cost RM1.80. I park my car far away and walk to work so that I do not have to pay parking. I even wore my 1 pair of 2 weeks contact lens for an extra 2 month as I did not have money to reorder them.

I love to give. If I have more money, I would buy stuff for family and friends and pay for dinners. Just yesterday, I had supper with a bunch of people. And when the bill came, I realize that all of them were just students and I did not have the heart to take their money. So I did not. Stupid right? Well, I just like to see the smiles on their faces and their thank-yous. It’s just happiness.

When I left the corporate world, I know that things wouldn’t be so easy. I know that I will be getting a pay cut way below my previous salary, that if you guys know what it is, you’ll think I’m stupid. I know I have to change my lifestyle. Sometimes things are good, sometimes things are not so good. Ups and downs are the risk that you gotta take when you do business. Life is not a bed of roses. I know all this is going to happen.

But I’m not complaining. My dad always tells me “Live within your means”. I have learned to adapt and change the way I live.

I am just feeling dam angry with people who think otherwise.

Now that I’m down another RM70 ringgit for this month, I guess I got to live on bread and water. Well, its definitely going to help my diet :p


gapnap said...

Well , working people paying for students is an Asian Culture thing..

The best tactic is to leave early ..say "oh i gtg" then leave RM10 on the table or something

Esther Chew said...

haha.. good idea.. maybe i can try that next time..

but not too often la. the kids are too smart.. they sure see thru my ploy :p