April 22, 2010

BCM @ Tawau - Day 2 & 3

BCM started early in the morning. It was quite uneventful except for the fact that KL State decided to liven things up. Sadly we did not succeed. Well, there is always next year. Anyway, Chwen Fhong and I decided to skip lunch for some shopping. Destination : Tawau Dry Market.

Pictures of inside, outside, downstairs and happy officers = good purchases.

Dried stuff. Chwen Fhong posing. Huge avocado. Mangoes + Avocados.

Dinner that night was seafood again. Well, Tawau happened to have cheap and good seafood. So here we are again at the seafood restaurant. This time there was so much leftovers that we had to tapau back.

Prawns. Seafood soup. Tofu. Fish. Crab. Lobsters.

Satisfied faces. Selongor State officers having a great time. *You know something, they laugh alot and I meant really alot and all the time too*. They were playing a game and the losers have to finish the lefover crab.

Day 3 started with a walk to church for service. I went k.. Got proof :) The section where we were seated was the kids section I think, cos got darn lots of kids. There was a really cute baby which keeps drooling all over the fathers shoulders, and a little boy with mushroom head and eyes that closes whenever he smiles, and a liitle girl...... Oh yeah, the sermon was about Men of Impact. But according to the "ven." (not sure what it stand for), it is applicable to women as well :)

Chwen Fhong and Yee Khai posing for the camera and for proof that they went to church instead of sleeping in :)

After service, we header back to the hotel, packed up, checked out and header for lunch. We couldn't decide between Mongolian Chicken Rice and "some Mee thingie". Finally settled on the former. Walked again to the restaurant, if you consider it one. Its located in one of the wooden shoplots that founded the town. It was super hot, packed with people and really old. But the food was great although the chicken was a tad too salty.

 Mongolian Chicken Rice. Seafood soup. Mongolian Chicken.

As we had some time to kill before our flights, we went shopping again.

 Dry Market. Fish Market. Fillipino Market.

Flights was at 5.50pm. Reach hime around 10pm.

Random picture taken by Barney, Teluk Intan officer. My hair look kinda weird.

So yeap, thats my trip to Tawau.. Good trip! Interesting place.. and fantastic seafood :p

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