April 7, 2010

Why did I leave the corporate life?

Well, many have been asking me why? Why did I leave a good company, a high paying job, a good career path and all that? Well, I always answer, because I got bored.. :)  It’s a much easier answer then trying to explain myself over and over again, and it’s not like they understand anyway.

Anyway, just to answer all the questions once and for all, here goes..

My work table in Sunway taken on my last day, that explains all the bags and cleared table..

My working life began when I graduated from UTAR in May 2007. I just turned 22 when I got a job at Sunway Group. I was selected to join under the SMART programme which was a talent management program. It basically means you are good; so you can be stretch more, given more workload and extra special projects to handle.

So that’s where I began, under the property development company called Sunway City Berhad specializing in training and development. It was a great 2 years. What I learned and did for 2 years cannot be compared to working for other companies. True, I had to work hard, was given lots of stress and pressure, super fast-paced job, which keeps my head spinning and leaving me breathless most days, but being there, learning from the best was an fantastic experience for me.

But after 2 years, I realize that it wasn’t enough for me. I did not like the working hours, the small percentage of increment that we get each year. I felt like I was not getting enough. Oh, not forgetting that I did not like the fact that I cannot get what I worked for. Like the profit of the company goes to the big boss, not to me. Haha, like it ever will.. But anyway, I wanted more in life. I wanted more flexible hours which I myself can decide when to work and when to chill. I wanted to have more control of my life instead of waking up every morning, rushing to work, rush around the office, rush home, rush through dinner and rush to bed, and the whole cycle begins the next morning again. *takes a deep breath*. I wanted to try something different too; something that makes life more meaningful. Something that allows me to take risk, make my own decision, getting my own money, and of cause time.

So hence, I decided to work on my own. Technically, I’m working for my dad, but I’m also doing it on my own. It’s complicated. But what matters to me is that I have the freedom, the time and the resources to do so much more. It’s been a good 6 months, filled with ups and downs but 6 stress-filled, late-nights but fulfilling months.

It’s the feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day that leaves me without regrets.

So here’s why I gave up a “high paying-stable-great opportunities-good career pathing” job for…

Some may call me crazy, some may say “I made the terrible decision”.. Well, it’s my life and I’m having a darn good life!


gapnap said...

its a darn good decision ! :P

One day you will find yourself , lecturing to students ..

then you can go
1.Why i left the corporate life
2.Why i sell away my business

Esther Chew said...

haha.. maybe :)

but i think you'll be a better one...