April 22, 2010

BCM @ Tawau - Day 1

Its been awhile since I last blog. Well if you must know, I was away at Tawau for BCM (Brigade Council Meeting 2010). Its  basically an AGM for the Boys' Brigade of Malaysia. I was there for 3 days and when I got back, I got tons of work to catch up, hence the long break. Anyway, its been a good trip. I will leave the pictures to do the talking.

I flew from KLIA to Tawau on Friday morning. Lucky me got a cheap flight on MAS. On planes, I like window seats. When I checked in, I requested for a window seat. Sadly, all window seats have been taken up :). But wait, he said that the emergency exits seats are still available. It was amazing as not only I have window, I have more leg space. Woohoo! When I got on the plane, it was a double blessing for me. It was a small plane and the emergency exits is in line with the door. So the seats have to be removed. I had a really alot alot alot of space for my legs. I meant its not like I need it :p but I could even lie on the floor to sleep. 

The flight got a little scary near Tawau as it was super cloudy and I could even see the plane wings. I cannot imagine how the pilots could fly the plane without being able to see. The landing was the worst for me. The plane landed with a huge BUMP that most passengers almost flew out of their seats. Luckily we had our seat belts on.

The van picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel. I was quite a surprise. I did'nt really expect Tawau to have such a nice hotel. Erm, its quite the kampung.. but hey, the room was great. And the bathroom is super nice loh. And there is Astro too.. Yay!! And its all mine, mine, mine..

My room

After checking in, Chwen Fhong took me on a tour around town. It is a very small town. The tour took about half hour with an ocasional stop for me to snap pictures. Well, we manage to grab a bite. Erm.. actually it was only me who got a bite. I managed to try out the Pan Mee and "Jus Segar Jambu Batu Merah".

Jus Segar Merah Jambu.
Pan Mee.
Boats and ships on the sea. 2
 rows of wooden shop lots that started the town of Tawau.
The biggest church in Tawau.

The workshop started late. Tea was at 3pm. I was down at 3.15pm and it wasn't even set up yet. So I headed back to my room and waited till 4pm for the workshop. I reach the meeting room at 4pm and I was the only one there. We are afterall in a uniform organization, and we teach our members to be punctual but we the officers are not. Well, its the pot calling the kettle black again.. Anyway, it was a good session.

Eventhough we had dinner already; after the night session, Selongor and KL State decided to head for supper at the seafood restaurant. The restuarant we headed too was the Goodview Restaurant about 5 mins walk away..

What on earth is a sea chicken?
Monster lobster and a unlucky one.
Rick enjoying his "Tung Fung Lo" or also known as "Siput Tarik"

The noodles was so good that we had to order another plate. My conclusion, I like the noodles and the crab the best. The crab was so crispy that the shell just breaks in your hand. No need hammers and crackers and what nots. Just bring it to your mouth and "crunch" and just wait for the juice to flow into your mouth.

Tung Fung Lo.
Erm.. I think it was fish.. or was it sotong.

Satisfied faces after a good supper. Selangor State officers + KL State officers + 1 Teluk Intan officer

Head back to my room, watch some movies and felt asleep. End of Day 1.

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