April 5, 2010

My Date Night

Malaysian guys can be quite boring. Most of the time, they take the easy way out and a date is just a typical movie-dinner date. Well, I would agree that it is the safest plan especially if it is the first date. But sometimes, you guys need to be creative and come up with an out-of-the-box, special, un-forgettable date. Wait, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a movie-dinner date *My boyfriend and I are huge fans of movies* but once in a while it’s good to surprise the girl with something different.

Although things might not always turn out the way it’s planned but it may turn out to be an interesting and unforgettable night.

Well, let me tell you about my first date which wasn’t really sort of… a date. But it’s one that is the most memorable even after so many years.

There was this guy in my uni who liked me. We meet during an event and passed by each other occasionally in the hallways but that’s about it. And not forgetting that a good friend of mine is also dating his best friend. So yeah, we were mutual friends.

One night, they decide to hang out and surprising he invited me along.

Let me get this straight, I was not really part of their gang. I was this macho, power craze woman, organizer of events and basically a very do-gooder during my uni days. Please don’t ask me how many events I participated or organized as I really can’t remember.

He, on the other hand, ran with the wilder crowd. He is a musician, mind you, so you can guess what I meant by ‘the wilder crowd’.

So that night, I got dressed up, put my make-up on, feeling a tad bit excited and went along with them. We arrived at this club and the music was already blaring from the speakers. As I wasn’t really a good dancer and the whole club scene wasn’t my thing, I set at the table and watch the other girls shaking to the music. Yes, I was feeling shy and really wasn’t in the mood to embarrassed myself. Oh, and did I mention that the other girls were fantastic dancers.

But the guy that liked me, being the gentleman that he is, stayed with me. Even thought the other girls tried to lure him off, he did not join them. Well, they tried all kinds of ways; seducing him with their moves to almost physically dragging him to the dance floor. But he stuck on and refuses to join them. Well, his friends did pester him to ask me for a dance but well, I decline. Don’t ask me why because I can’t remember why too…

So to cut my long story short, I was this boring-dull girl who just sat there and watched people grooving to the music in a club. Don’t ask me what kind of a date is it, but if it was a date, well… you gotta pity the guy that was stuck with me. His plan of having a good date did not materialize.

But something happened that night and the guy and I got together. I don’t understand why he would like such a boring girl but well, something special came out of that night. We do sometimes think back and have a good laugh about it, but for me it was a night to remember as it brought us together. It wasn’t really a typical movie-dinner date, but to me, it was a date that I will always remember as it brought me someone special

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