April 10, 2010

The Runaway Bride-to-be

I had a super busy weekend. My schedule when something like this..

Saturday 10th April 2010
6.00      Wake up @ Sg. Buloh
7.00      BB meeting @ Cheras
12.45    Friend's wedding @ Rawang
3.00      Pick my brother from school @ Cheras
4.00      Head to work @ PJ
5.00      Church Service @ PJ
7.00      AB’s Hen Party @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
8.00      Dinner @ Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid
10.00    Club @ Euphoria, MOS

Sunday 11th April 2010
8.00      Wake @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
9.00      Head to work @ PJ
11.00    Head back for lunch at West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
2.00      Hari Penghargaan Belia Wanita 2010 @ Bukit Kiara
6.00      Dinner @ Uptown
7.00      Movie @ Tropicana
My Saturday morning started like this.. *Boing*boing*boing* my phone sounded at 4.30am. (That’s my msg tone btw). I received a sms from A stated that she wanted to cancel her Hen’s Party that night due to some "issues" with her husband-to-be. It being 4.30am and considering the fact that I was still in dreamland, I decided that it can wait till morning. When I woke up at 6am, i remembered her msg and straight away replied her asking her what happen, how is she and whether she would change her mind? No response. Well, maybe she slept late and she’s not awake yet.

So I went for my BB meeting as usual and waited..

At 10.30am, I receive a call for JH asking what is going on tonight.. OMG!!! The nerve of him. I’ve sent countless of emails, facebook messages and wall posts and he can call me up and ask me what is going on and when is the party. Eish, some people can be so clueless. Sorry JH :p Well, me being such a nice person decided to reply all his queries nicely. JH is a guy btw. And if you thinking, “A guy? Hen’s party?” Well, the bride-to-be insisted and who am I to say no. And I was hoping that he will do some free dances for us and save us the cost of hiring a striper. Hehe.. Anyway, I told him the all the plans but he couldn’t make it, and decided to only join us for lunch the next afternoon. And just for the records, he said him got no issues sleeping in a room with 6 other girls.. Well, I'll will say the more the merrier, what more with 1 being a guy..there are countless of things that we can do... muahahaha!!! Anyway, back to the story..

At 11am, I finally received a response. Not from A tho, but for her husband-to-be requesting that I do not cancel the party and to insist that she go. YAY!!! It sounded good to me as I was really really looking forward to it. I can already imagine the number of money that we are going to raise, and the things that A is going to do for us... *another evil grin*

At 11.19am, I receive an sms from another J asking whether the party is still on as the bride-to-be has messaged her saying it’s cancelled. Well, I replied and said that it’s definitely on. I will make sure the bride-to-be attends it. After all we did put so much effort into it and i did not want to waste it.. I was mentally forcing A not to change her mind.. hehe.. and I took the bridegroom word for real...

So I happily went along with my plans and was really busy with my carefully planned schedule of the day…

At 2pm, I received THE SMS. The sms that change the whole world... erm, my Saturday world la... It came from the bridegroom and it just stated that A insisted that she does not want to go and for us to cancel the party. I didn’t know what to say or do. All my hopes for that night, all my excitement, all my carefully planned party, all my 2 weeks of hard work and brainstorming, all my many smses, calls, emails, wall post, annoying people are going to be wasted. I have a bride-to-be Hen Party outfit consisting of a bridal veil, a flowy pinkish girly skirt, a hand-painted shirt with the word “Bride-to’be” all packed up. I have 2 reservations made, 1 hotel room booked and confirmed, 7 free passes to MOS as guest of DJ Kaskade, 1 outfit for the night, another dress for the lunch, all my make-up and hair stuff and a HUGE bag of lollipops.

I said in silence for a few minutes and then started grumbling and murmuring and complaining and making a big fuss... I was so disappintment... I started calling all the guests, informing them about the cancel party, cancelled all my reservation and oh no!! The room is charged already. We gotta pay RM345 even if we are not going. Sigh… And then started grumbling to myself again.. I called my sister and started complaining again..

And suddenly, wait a second, I am NOT the bride... Why am I making such a big fuss? Its not like my wedding is cancelled or something.. :p

I was just disappointed that my carefully planned scehdule is not going to happen and wanted to look for somebody to put the blame on.. Hmmm, maybe i should put the blame on the husband-to-be.. After all, he was the caused of it.. And if I was in A's position, I will be dam pissed..

But nah, I'm just joking.. no worries, I'm not blaming anyone. I know it just happened unexpectedly and nobody would have wanted it to happen, especially the bride-to-be.. So yeah, its just that my carefully planned schedule is in serious jeopardy.

Anyway, J called me and started laughing. She said that she found the whole situation quite funny. A was not a Runway Bride but a Runaway Bride-to-be.. Haha..

Thankfully there will be NO Runaway Bride.. I hope.. I have faith in you A, contrary to what you said.

What matters most is that the issue between them is solved. And I'm hoping and praying that it is.. and that this situation will bring them even closer to each other..
So that’s how my day when, driving around the whole Selangor state while being on my phone non-stop till the battery finally died at around 5.30pm. *Note to self : Get a handsfree set. It's dangerous to drive and sms and talk at the same time. I spend a total of RM23 just on toll charges in just 1 day and uncountable cost on phone calls and smses.

Crazy day huh?! Well, it’s a quite normal day in a life of Esther Chew… Now it’s straight to bed for me, my eyes are already ¾ closed…

Oh yeah 1 final task, a HUGE bag of lillipops to dispose off. Lollis anyone?


gapnap said...

so..what you do for the rest of the night ? anything naughty ?

Esther Chew said...

hmmmm, well.... erm... nah, i'm a good girl :)

adeline said...

i'm so sorry, gal... =(

Esther Chew said...

No worries babe...

Vyraz said...

hi esther, really sorry and yes we have patched things up. sadly it WAS my fault and i would like to take full responsibility for it..
good news is, chinese wedding still on so u still have time to org another one. i will fully fund this one.

end of d story was abit sad for me.. im now only allowed 1 jug of long island tea and no more whiskey. dat is IF im still allowed to club

Esther Chew said...

haha.. well, you got your wife now to consider.. no more fooling around :)

Tormented_Soul said...

nope.. dont fool around... havent been for a long time.. wait.. what do u mean fool around first?