July 3, 2012

wishes wishes

I'm so behind on blog posts... and am so scared to open my pictures folder, seriously. 

Life lately have been so crazy... and stressful. Not the kind of stress that I want 'cos I'm trying to stay a stress-free bride as much as possible. But people around me are not helping me much... in fact, adding to my stress. 

How I wish I could just find a tiny, private island and have a private ceremony, just 2 off us.. and any crazy people who wants to join us. We could say our vows by the beach, in our swimwear... and then dance with the waves right after. Well, there is no one to see us anyway. Or maybe find a high cliff, overlooking the ocean, with a strong wind which makes our hair go crazy, which won't matter cos its just us. 

2 more months... 74 days to go....


adeline said...

find a high cliff... get pronounced man and wife... then, do a cliff jump... that would be so cool~

Esther Chew said...

lol. most probably I'm all for it but might chicken out at the end. Rockstar will be against it but eventually might jump :p