July 4, 2012

Just some Nerds...

Wonka Nerds & Gummy Worms favours
Being in a big family has its pros, one of them is that you can have a party without inviting anyone else :) Just last week, we decided to celebrate my 2nd sister's birthday. Instead of heading out for another expensive dinner, we plan to have a party at her home . Since I was nominated as a party planner again aka 'kuli', my job first job was to come up with a cool theme. I send my sister a whole long list of ideas and finally we choose the coolest theme ever - 'Nerds & Bookworms'.

Rockstar & 1
I couldn't decide what to wear and went to my tusty ole Google for help. I was contemplating between a few and eventually ended up a cross between Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo and Abby Sciuto from NCIS - minus the bangs plus glasses. It was the only matching clothes I could find from my closet! Rockstar dressed up in his Captain America's shirt and a Doremon Comic Book -_-

From a stimbot dinner, to a pizza dinner, we decided to go back to basic Malaysian food - Nasi Lemak from Kak Yatie @ Medan Selera Jaya 223, Otak-Otak from Medan Selera Jaya 223, Fried Chicken from Paramount Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken, Roti Canai from mamak @ DJ and Milo Ice. The only thing un-Malaysian is the chilled Honeydew Sago, made by the birthday girl. :)

Grace, being Grace
The Suspenders Gang
The Act-cute Gang
Me & twinnie
This just 'cos you can get a glimpse of my pre-wedding shoot photo album - hot of the printing machine.  :)
After dinner, the guys work on their nerd side by playing Boggle! The entire night!! How little it takes to amuse them. Edwin is the outstanding champion with a high score of 20 points. The girls ended up with wedding talk :) 

Sisters - Lydia & E, Joyce & Eugene, Grace & Eason, Rockstar & I

Happy Birthday, Ker Huey che!!!

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