July 23, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Some updates about my wedding...


So since I've already asked the most important people here, the next ones in line were the rest of my entourage and VIPs. I decided to make 'official invitations' to make it more special. Here's what I did..

1. Design and printed out invitation cards. Something more informal for the kids and a formal-ish ones for the adults. I also printed out the needs-to-know/ info for my Page Boys and Flower Girls, aka attires. 

2. I bought gifts!! What's an invitation without bribes incentives anyway ;p I wanted something related to my wedding theme, something garden-ish feel. Girls were easy. I got them colourful cute soft toy bugs. For the Page Boys, it was slightly harder. What to get that are garden related? Gardening Tools? Kinda out my budget. Anyway, I popped into Toy 'r' Us with Lydia and managed to find some tractors. Red and Green. The yellow didn't really count but I bought it just cos the colour looks good with the others. Oh, and tiny little bug clips for the adults. 

3. Next, I made holes on the cards, dug out some ribbons from my craft drawer and tied them nicely with the gifts. For the adults invitations, I clipped the cute bugs clips at the top. 

4. Lastly, I stalked them and delivered the bomb legally binding documents. None of them can back out now. Muahaha!!! Nah, I did asked them nicely and so far none turned me down. Yay!! Am crossing my fingers that the last person wont turned me down. 

It was a joy to see my gifts happily received. Especially when all 3 flower girls were together hugging their new pet. They are going to be so cute ;p These people are important to us and we wanted to make them feel special. I hope they did. Thanks everyone!

p.s. Hot of the press!!! My invitation cards are ready. Its so pretty. Thanks BIL. 

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Faye Fowler said...

It goes without saying that you carefully planned this out. I like how your invitation is designed simply, yet comes with a personal touch. Particularly the ones for kids, where you personally attached toys and stuff based on the role they’ll play on your wedding. I find that move sweet and quite brilliant. Cheers!

Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print